Xolo Black-Initial Impressions

Xolo Black Its getting cut-throat in the sub 10,000-15000 INR market for Android device manufacturers and that is always good for the consumers. XOLO has been trying hard to make an impression in the “affordable” Android segment has launched their best offering (price:performance) couple of days back. The device looks beautiful, is slim and well screwed together with a […] Continue reading →

How to Change File Attributes with Attrib

attrib example 3 Attrib is a command used to change the various characteristics or attributes of a file or directory in DOS, OS/2 and Microsoft Windows. It generally displays, sets or removes the read-only, archive, system, and hidden attributes of a file or directory. So here is a tutorial to Save, Hide, Archive files using Attrib command. Basic Attributes: […] Continue reading →

Karbonn Velox Tab 8 – Yet another attempt to capture entry level tablet market !

Karbonn-Velox-8 Karbonn, one of the Indian mobile phone (apparently tablets too) manufacturer always known to make it to news for its value for money propositions has given yet another attempt trying to perfect the entry-level tablet segment with Karbonn Velox Tab 8 an 8″ Android tablet with Jelly 4.1 out of the box. Apart from having the most stable and smooth […] Continue reading →