Apple iPad 3 Specs-Full Features Price and Release date Details

Apple’s keynote for the next generation iPad is still going on but we have what we really wanted to know,all thanks to engadget live blog.The iPad 3 has blown us away,a lot of features were expected but not only are the expectations matched but also surpassed.But before we see whats new,let me tell you that the next generation iPad is called  “The New iPad” ,anyways since we dont see that catching up we will continue to call the next generation iPad as iPad 3.




Display & Processor :

Lets start with the display,as expected the 9.6″ screen has incredible 2048 x 1536 resolution,that’s whooping 3.1 million pixels. Impressed,No ? Well, the new Quad Core Graphics and the Dual core A5X processor which is claimed to be 2X faster than the Tegra 3,i bet now you are.




The most speculated part,the 4G LTE support,yes we have it.iPad 3 has 4G LTE network support and would be available on both AT&T and Verizon.Speeds are 2.1Mbps HSPA+ and DC-HSDPA at 42Mbps, and LTE raising the bar to whooping 73Mbps.

Voice Dictation :

The iPad 3 also gets a new Keyboard with Voice dictation feature.A small mike like icon that flawlessly types what you dictate is an added asset to the keyboard.The voice dictation supports US English, British, Australian, French, German and Japanese and more to come along.


Another surprise is the incredible camera,iPad was always criticized to have a bad one but not anymore. The iPad 3 has a 5 MP camera with advanced optics,IR Filter and white balance,Apple call it iSight.Apparently it is the same camera we have in the iPhone 4s.The camera is known to be able to do 1080P video recording with image stabilization.


With all these powerful features is the battery life retained ? According to Apple,yes.The iPad 3 is known to do 10 hours in the non 4G mode and with 4G 9 hours.So is there a downside of such incredible battery backup despite of the hefty specifications it has ? well it resulted the iPad 3 to be 9.4 mm thick (8.8 mm previously)and weigh 1.44 pounds(previously 1.33 pounds),thats just a tad thick and weighs little extra due to the extra powerful battery in there,well i dont think anyone would complain about that.

Apple iPad 3 Price 

And the most important thing,the pricing.The pricing goes like this.

WiFi Only Models

16 GB 499$

32 GB  599$

64 GB 699$

WiFi + 4G

16 GB 629$

32 GB  729$

64 GB 829$


iPad 3 Release date

All the three variants will be launched on March 16th on the following countries and the remaining countries will get it from March 23rd as the image suggests.

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