Apple Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion Release date

Update : Finally the much awaited OS X Mountain Lion is available for download,follow this link to download Mountain lion.

Update : It has been announced at the WWDC 2012 that Mountain Lion will be rolled out next month (July 2012) for a price of $19.99 and can be upgraded by any Mac running Snow Leopard and beyond.


So,here it is folks,another significant update for the Macintosh,OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.The previous release OS x 10.7 was a major update and brought in some exclusive new features like Accessibility-Built-in voices,Address Book,AirDrop,AppleScript,Auto Save,Automator,Electronic Distribution,FileVault 2,New Finder etc.

The OS X Lion does see some integration of features from iPhone and iPad but Mountain Lion takes it further ahead by adding the most favorite features and apps from iOS devices and integrates into your Mac.

Even though Mountain Lion might not be as big update as the previous it does bring in some significant improvements.Here is a quick demo video of the new features you will be seeing in the Mountain Lion.

Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion Release date

The developer Version is out but the retail version is expected to be out by the summer of 2012.The sad news is all the Mac’s from 2007-08 and before would not be able to run the Mac Mountain Lion.

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