Lenovo K3 Note Heating Issue Solution

k3 note heating issue solved

Lenovo K3 Note is one of the hottest selling phones in the Indian phone market. K3 Note offers killer specs at a very low price but a lot of buyers are complaining about its heating issue. Lenovo K3 Note has got no hardware failure; it’s just the heavy background apps that are heating up this phone or may be the high SAR values it’s emitting. The phone gets heated on upper half of the screen where its processor is placed. Lenovo K3 Note comes with 2GB RAM, Octa-core 1.7 GHz Cortex-A53 processor and Mediatek MT6752 chipset so we never expected this phone to heat up.

Heating is observed after long video calls or after playing heavy games for more than just 10 minutes. So if you are wondering how you can keep your Lenovo K3 Note cool, here are some tips and tricks to do so. We have come up with two different solutions – one for rooted users and one for those who haven’t rooted their phone yet.

Lenovo K3 Note Heating Issue : Rooted Users

Since rooting gives access to all the possible features on your phone so it becomes quite an easy affair to manage the heating issue. There is plethora of apps that you can download to keep your phone cool. You can download the following apps, they have been tested, to cool down your phone.

  • Coolify
  • CoolMaster

Or you can also download apps that automatically put your phone on Hibernate mode when not in use. You can download Greenify app for that purpose. This app will not only help you tackle the heating problem but will also help you save up a lot of battery for future use of phone. You can also download certain cleaning apps like Clean Master to kill the not-usable background apps.

Well that was it for rooted users. Rooted users have already got apps on PlayStore for doing almost anything and so they don’t have to beat around the bush a lot. Rooted users will find it comparatively a lot easier to cool down their phones than the ones with un-rooted phones.

Lenovo K3 Note Heating Issue : Un-Rooted Users

Un-Rooted users are first of all advised to get their phones rooted. Rooting a phone gives you complete access to phone’s hardware and software and then you can tweak your phone. You can make it do possibly anything you want. So moving ahead, here are a few tips that un-rooted users can do to keep their phone cool.

Go to the settings, then go to apps and check the running apps. Kill all the apps that you are not using because these apps keep running in the background and drain out your battery and heat up your phone. You can close down apps like Google Maps, Auto Updates or the recently opened apps, if they have served their purpose.

Secondly you can also download a set of applications like CCleaner, StartupManager, Clean Master etc. but these apps won’t work very effectively on your un-rooted phones but still you can give them a try. They’ll surely help you at least in cooling your phone a bit.

Lastly I would recommend all the users to install certain cleaning apps on their phone and cleaning the memory frequently.

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