A List of Addictive Android Games

Doodle Army 2 - Mini Militia

The best past time for anyone having a smartphone is playing games! You can see people playing addicting games almost everywhere! Politicians playing games in assemblies, army men playing games before operations just to beat the stress, kids playing games in school bus – games are everywhere. They have totally surrounded us. The best part about addictive Android games is they don’t discriminate on age basis, you can see a lady challenging her grand kids. Without going around, check the list of Best Free Addictive Android Games. read more

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Best Android Apps for Blocking Ads

AdBlock Plus

Ads become a real pain sometimes and they almost seem inescapable. But are they? They aren’t inescapable if you are an Android user with some brains. Android gives you the freedom to tweak your phone to an ultimate level and may be that is one of the reasons why Android is so popular among developers and users. Ads are a part of revenue generating model of certain free apps and if you block these ads, you are making them go in loss, so it’s recommended to use ads blocks only when you are low on data or you just want to get rid of them! Another backdrop of ads is, they consume extra power from you battery – making the app a bit heavier to load. If you have convinced yourself to block ads, here is the list of Best Android Apps for Blocking Ads. read more

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Android force close Error solution – Force close fix


“Force close error” is perhaps the most hated pop-up error on Android. The worst thing about Force close error is it pops up when you need the app real bad. For example, you want to check your exam’s datesheet and you open up the stock web browser – and you suddenly get this error “Force close error”. It all becomes frustrating!  Force close error mostly comes up only when your phone runs out of free RAM. That’s why you see this error while playing a heavy game or while running a heavy application on your phone. If that’s the case with you, you can simply open your device’s task manager and clear the RAM.  (Task Manager>RAM>Clear RAM). Force close error occurs with a lot of stock apps too because after a certain time period, they become obsolete. If the problem persists, then you will have to do a bit more than what you did just now. Force close error is the most unpredictable error too, there is no one fixed reason why this occurs so there’s no one particular solution; there can be a lot of solutions to this problem. The solutions are mentioned below. read more

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Low Internal Memory Warning on Android Phone Solution


Are you being constantly bugged by the “Low Internal Memory” warnings on your Android phone? It feels irritating to get those warnings. All the phones in the market today show so much of internal memory size, that such errors are way off your mind but once such things start to occur, the large internal memory size myth starts to dwindle away. Before beginning with Low Internal Memory Warning: Solution , let’s talk about internal memory and why do you get lower internal memory than what is promised. read more

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Lenovo K3 Note Heating Issue Solution

k3 note heating issue solved

Lenovo K3 Note is one of the hottest selling phones in the Indian phone market. K3 Note offers killer specs at a very low price but a lot of buyers are complaining about its heating issue. Lenovo K3 Note has got no hardware failure; it’s just the heavy background apps that are heating up this phone or may be the high SAR values it’s emitting. The phone gets heated on upper half of the screen where its processor is placed. Lenovo K3 Note comes with 2GB RAM, Octa-core 1.7 GHz Cortex-A53 processor and Mediatek MT6752 chipset so we never expected this phone to heat up. read more

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Xolo Black-Initial Impressions

Its getting cut-throat in the sub 10,000-15000 INR market for Android device manufacturers and that is always good for the consumers. XOLO has been trying hard to make an impression in the “affordable” Android segment has launched their best offering (price:performance) couple of days back.

Xolo Black Impressions

The device looks beautiful, is slim and well screwed together with a nice “black” paint job, hence the name BLACK, duh! The highlight of the device has to be the combination of a vivid 5.5″ 1080P display and the hot and fast (pun intended) Snapdragon 615 (2nd gen) 64-bit Soc which makes it quite a good value for money device. Sure we have the cheaper YU Yureka boasting the same (1st gen?) Snapdragon 615 but it sports a 720P display, on the other hand the slightly more expensive (compared to YU) K3 Note from Lenovo sports the first in segment 1080P (price wise) display but loses out on the processor department as it houses the Mediatek octacore processor (generally perceived inferior to the Snapdragon counterpart). read more

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Pinterest Adds Install Feature for iOS Devices

Pinterest’s is trying to make itself more intuitive for its mobile users, no wonder, as 70% of its traffic is from mobile. It is strategically working with Apple to add a feature to install any pinned iOS app right from the pin itself. However you would need to open these pins from your iPad or iPhone which is when you will find a install button, clicking on which takes you directly to the App Store where the app is listed. However there has been no news about the availability of this feature on Android devices. read more

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How to Change File Attributes with Attrib

Attrib is a command used to change the various characteristics or attributes of a file or directory in DOS, OS/2 and Microsoft Windows. It generally displays, sets or removes the read-only, archive, system, and hidden attributes of a file or directory. So here is a tutorial to Save, Hide, Archive files using Attrib command.

Basic Attributes: In a command prompt window, the basic attributes used for editing a group of selected files or folders using attrib tool are

  • R- Assigns “Read-Only” attribute to prevent software programs from saving changes to a file.
  • H- Assigns “Hidden” attribute to prevent the view of a file under normal conditions.
  • A- “Archive” attribute allows the backup programs to know what files to back up.
  • S- This changes the selected files to “System” attribute so that it is exclusively used by the operating system


attrib [{+r|-r}] [{+a|-a}] [{+s|-s}] [{+h|-h}] [[Drive:][Path] FileName] [/s[/d]] read more

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Most Addictive Android Games – Top 25

If you own a Android handheld, games would definitely be one of the first few apps you would look forward to as there are so many of them, ranging from action to puzzle to sports to strategy to RPGs. You can simply browse the top free and top paid options in the games section to find many good ones, but there are many games that might not be in the most popular or editors choice category in the play store and yet are quite fun.

Here we have compiled a list of  Top 25 Most addictive Android games that are going to kill a lot more time than you’d want them to. read more

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How to install Facebook Home on Your Android Device

So you heard about it and now you want to try it on your Android phone or tablet but Google Play store says the device you own is incompatible, don’t be disappointed because there is a way you can try Facebook Home on your gingerbread device as well, initially Facebook had made it exclusive to only a few select devices but it seems now the restriction has been lifted and though its not available for every Android device, most of them should be able to install it (we believe its been made available for ICS and Jelly bean powered devices only) and for those who cannot… read on.. read more

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