How to Jailbreak/Unlock Windows Phone 7.5

For all those who bought a new Windows phone 7.5 ( WP7) mobile and are enjoying its user-friendly and fluid UI but are irritated by some of the OS limitations and lack of apps compared to your buddy’s Android/iOS device,Jailbreaking could solve your problems to certain extent as you can gain access to homebrew apps and apply tweaks that would enhance the user experience.

Before we start the process let me first introduce you with different types of Unlocks available on WP7.

1. Full Unlock : Full Unlock involves flashing of Custom ROMs.You can have all the market apps and access to homebrew apps for free.Cotulla has released modified boot loaders for first generation Samsung and HTC Devices. In Full Unlock, Policies would be modified to allow running of native executables read more

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Best Homebrew Apps for Windows Phone 7

After Jailbreaking your WP7 phone,the next thing you would like to know is the list of best homebrew apps available. Though homebrew apps for wp7 are not as abundant as in cydia for iOS,there are some very useful apps that provide crucial functionality missing on your WP device.Here we have compiled a list of best homebrew apps you must have on your unlocked mango device.

1)WP7 Root tools:

WP7 Root tools is the first app that anyone should download on their wp7 phones after jail breaking. Developed by the creator of interop unlock Heathcliff74, WP7 root tools offers full root access and enables users to tweak the settings inside registry. WP7 root tools has 3 important Menus namely registry, explorer and policies. read more

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Best Free Photo Editing Softwares For Download

free photo editing software

If you are looking for a powerful yet free photo editing software which has plenty of features,is user friendly and intuitive to use and above all is free then you are at the right place as we have compiled a list of best free photo editing software for you to download.

Here are our top picks basing on the amount of user downloads,ratings and review by users and also our own personal experience,hope you would find it useful:

Download Best Free Photo Editing Software :

PhotoScape : Photo Scape  has been treding as the #1 photo editor at CNET and there is a reason for it.It has many powerful features that are quite easy to use.This Software comes with ability to create photo collages, fumetti, Web comics, and also has a standard set of red-eye removal, light/shadow, and contrast-editing features which might satisfy the need of most of the home users.Though being feature rich and easy to use it has some bugs and also uses lot of your RAM. read more

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Update Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 with DXLP9 ICS 4.0.3 Firmware

Update Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 with DXLP9 ICS 4.0.3 Firmware

Update Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 with DXLP9 ICS 4.0.3 Firmware

Some good news for Galaxy Note N7000 users, a new ICS firmware has arrived for their smartphone and is nicknamed as DXLP9 firmware. This update is officially brought to your phone by KIES and as of now, this update is available only for few countries. But wherever you are from, you can update your phone to DXLP9 firmware manually by following this guide. Applying this update is safe and will not root or void the device in any situation, but if your Galaxy Note is already rooted, this update will un-root it and we don’t think it’s a valid reason for skipping this update as a rooted user already knows how to un-root his device again, obviously. Right now there’s no change log issued by Samsung as previous update “XXLPY” had some camera and touch pen issues which we believe should be resolved in this update.
Here are some preliminary notes that we believe are important and should be read out carefully before you begin. read more

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HTC One V Overview

htc one v review,price,specs

HTC has launched new One series Android handsets,the HTC One V-for mainstream buyers and the high end super phone HTC One X for enthusiasts.Both these handsets come ICS ready and with all new IPS 2 screens.

The HTC One V priced around 18000 INR/350$ is targeted towards mainstream audience.The most alluring part of the phone being,it comes ICS ready and also flaunts an excellent IPS 2 panel display which gives it an edge over other phones in this segment.

Lets have a detailed overview of the phones specs and features : read more

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Best Free VPN Softwares 2015

top free vpn 2012

VPN’s (Virtual Private network) have become a rather popular solution for secure, anonymous browsing  and to open blocked or georestricted websites.

So, we have taken up the job of finding the best free VPN softwares for you but if you are quite serious about your security & anonymity and would like hassle free browsing with no bandwidth restrictions or pop up ads, we would recommend you to sign up with premium versions of either HidemyAss or StrongVPN.

Both are quite good and are considered to be the best VPN service providers, choosing one among these two should be easy. Simply consider the budget you are comfortable spending and the features you need and pick one, you cannot go wrong with either of them as they have been in the VPN industry for a long time and are quite reputed for their service, support and privacy with your data. read more

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How to Root Samsung Galaxy Note Gingerbread 2.3.6 DDLB1 Firmware

Rooting Samsung Galaxy note

Rooting Galaxy Note Gingerbread

Like all other Android devices Samsung Galaxy Note comes un-rooted and therefore wont’t allow you to perform advanced tasks/tweaks like overclocking your processor, installing a custom ROM and so on as these require root access. So without wasting much of your time here is a simple guide to root your Samsung Galaxy note running Gingerbread 2.3.6 DDLB1 Firmware.

Disclaimer: we are responsible for any harm occurred to your device during the rooting process,please go forward at your own risk. read more

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Samsung Galaxy S3 VS HTC One X

one x vs s3

Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X are the hottest Android Smartphone’s till date and its quite obvious for anyone to be confused among them.Samsung has recently launched the successor of its rather sucessful handset Galaxy S2 and HTC One X has been waiting in the ring since February of this year.The S3 is up for pre order now and faces the HTC One X as its prime competitor.Both these beasts are amazing,have no doubt about that and you cannot go wrong with either of these but if you have to pick one analyzing the slightest of the advantage that one holds over the other then lets move to the comparison we have laid out here. read more

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Blackberry Curve 9320 Review,Price,Specs

RIM (Research in Motion) has now released a 3G variant of the Curve 9320 smartphone.The Curve 9320 is grabbing quite a lot of attention due to its attractive pricing and being the first Blackberry to ship with the all new Blackberry OS 7.1.Lets have a detailed look into its specs and features.


The Blackberry Curve 9320 is more or less same when it comes to design compared to the previous devices like 9300 and 9360. Though 9360 is a bit slimmer than 9320,the 9320 doesn’t fall much short when it comes to looks and also has better build over the 9300’s. The Curve 9320 weighs just 103 gms and comes in the dimensions of 109 * 60 *12.7 mm  which makes it easily pocketable. It possess the same typical Blackberry style of QWERTY keyboard.The keyboard appears to be a little smaller than 9300 but doesn’t make things difficult while using as we were quite comfortable with it .The back of the body is Glossy and is prone to fingerprints. read more

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Top 10 Free iOS Games 2012

best ios game of 2012

So you are looking for some free games for your iPhone/iPod ….well of course there are tons of them available in the app market but not all of them are worth your time,isn’t it.So we have compiled a list of best free iOS games for 2012 (until now) and will keep updating this list with newer and better free games from time to time.

So without wasting much of your precious time lets dig into the list of  top free iOS games of 2012 :

1)100 Floors : A cute little free puzzle game is here to rock your iPhone.100 Floors is a puzzle game where the only challenge for you is to make it to the top floor by solving the puzzles put before you and only then you can move to the next level.Developers of this game are quite excited by its success have promised more levels to be added every now and then so that the fun never ends. read more

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