How to Root Sony Xperia Neo ICS 4.0.4 Build 4.1.B.0.431

Sony had been rolling out updates to the legacy devices Arc, Arc S and Neo recently and if you are one of those who happen to have updated your device to ICS 4.0.4 from Gingerbread or earlier ICS 4.0.3 we have the right guide to get root your device.

I repeat this guide to root the Sony Xperia Neo works only for ICS 4.0.4 Build 4.1.B.0.431 not the earlier 4.0.3 so be careful and make sure you have the right version of Android running down there. To confirm what version of OS you are running go to settings and scroll down and click on About Phone. read more

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Windows Phone 8 : What’s New ?

windows phone 8 features

windows phone 8 features

Looks like Microsoft is on a roll,while the heat of Surface tablets is still in the air the Redmond giant announced the much awaited upgrade to its mobile platform,Windows Phone 8.

However there is some bad news as well,lets start with that,none of the current gen windows phones are capable of being upgraded to Windows Phone 8 due to hardware limitations,but to cheer you up a little a minor update called Windows Phone 7.8 would be ported on to the current gen windows devices which will be having similar start screen as that of the Windows 8. read more

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Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Tablets Overview

microsoft surface rt vs pro

Microsoft today announced its own line up of tablets that took everyone by surprise.They call it Microsoft Surface.The Tablets run Windows 8 as expected and come in two variants,the the Surface RT and Pro.While the Surface RT runs on ARM based processor (Most probably Nvidia Tegra 3) the PRO version will run on Intel based processor.These new tablets look really unique and funky,lets have a brief birds eye view on these new Windows 8 tablets.

Surface Windows RT VS Pro Specs

Display : Both the tablets run on a 10.6″ cleartype HD Capacitive touch LCD display but sport different resolutions,the Windows Surface RT variant has a native resolution of 720P where as the Pro is full HD 1080P. read more

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Top 5 HD Games for Android Tablets

There are just so many games available on the Android market today that it’s hard to say which of them are better than the rest. So I’m gonna make that job easier for you by listing the best HD games available for Android tablets briefly telling you why they are so.

Top 5 HD Games for Android Tablets :

1)  Angry Birds Space Premium

Everybody knows birds with severe anger management issues make for great entertainment. Hell, it’s the biggest global phenomenon since Zombies. And what makes it better is that we also know exactly how much fun they are! Indeed, it is a lot of fun offing those obnoxious pigs in elaborately designed physics-based puzzles. Rest assured no pigs were harmed in the playing of this game (takes a bite of bacon). What?! So you’ve been to Rio, and you’ve been to a couple of other places; but this time around the birds face a not essentially new enemy (space pigs) in a very inhospitable environment far away from home. Oh yes! These little birdies are in space, and they’re still out for revenge… which means they’re still angry… which means you ought to get this game! Why you ask? Irrespective of the kind of games you like to play, Angry Birds has always provided all-round entertainment to everyone who plays it. It’s fun for 9 and 99! And therefore, it shouldn’t be a surprise why it’s on the top of this list. read more

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How To Root Samsung Galaxy S2 GTI9000 ICS 4.0.3 XXLPJ firmware


Recently Samsung rolled out ICS firmware for Samsung Galaxy S2 across the globe and if you happen to have one that you recently upgraded to Android 4.03 XXLPJ firmware we have a guide to root it right away.

Before we begin you might want to know that rooting will void your warranty,however you can claim that back by unrooting it.If you are asking yourself why you should root your Samsung Galaxy S2  then here are benifits of rooting.

Please Note : we are not to be held responsible for any damage that might occur to your device following this guide,please do it at your own risk. read more

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Top 5 Games for iPad 2012

Here’s a list of the 5 best HD games you can have on your iPad. All the below games are a fine blend of good graphics and an amazing gameplay. So no matter who you are or what you do, if you have an iPad you will really enjoy playing all these games!

Top 5 Games for iPad 2012 :

1) Infinity Blade II

Infinity Blade 2 for iPad

This action packed game is totally worth the dough you have to shell out to get it. It may seem a little expensive at first but it sure gives you all your money’s worth. The beautiful HD graphics, the simple controls, and the complex gameplay are all contributing factors to this game’s success. As you might have realized, this game is a sequel to Infinity Blade which was released back in 2010. For a fuller experience of the game I suggest you play the first part before moving on to the second. However, if casual is your style you can just jump right into the shoes of Siris (the main protagonist) and beat the crap out of your enemies with your Infinity Blade sword. The gameplay is also something definitely worth mentioning. Apart from its straight up hack-and-slash combat that leaves your enemies in pieces, the game also features certain RPG elements like character customizations and skill points (gems) to increase your effectiveness in battle. You can choose from three different weapon combinations and also an array of magic spells to assist your fight against evil. Whether you are an avid gamer or just a casual one, this game is a one-time investment (what with its replay value) that will keep you entertained for several weeks! read more

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How to Add an MP3 file as SMS/Alarm tone on Android

how to set message tone in Android

So if you are trying to add an MP3 file as SMS/Alarm tone on your Android phone you would realize that its not possible directly via options around that mp3 file,you would only see the option to set it as default caller tune or assign it to a contact.Well there is a solution to it,infact two,one would be pretty simple with help of a 3rd party app and the other would take you some work to create some folders and sub folders.So if you don’t want any more apps taking up your phone’s memory then lets see the actual process that will help you to set mp3 files as sms/alarm tones : read more

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Top New Features of iOS 6

new ios 6 features.

WWDC 2012 had quite a few things up its sleeve,one of the them being the all new iOS 6 for iPhone 3GS to iPhone 4s,iPad 2 to the new iPad and 4th gen iPod 4.So whats new in the iOS 6? Apparently more than 200 things but here are the best and most noticeable iOS 6 features.

new ios 6 features

New Features of iOS 6

1) Siri :Siri gets smarter,can launch apps now.Also has updated information regarding restaurants,Sports and movies.You can make reservations on your favorite restaurant using Opentable service with a voice command,ask about movie reviews,actors and directors and even watch trailers using rotten tomatoes,also you directly call out to Siri and ask for sports updates.Siri will now be ported to the new iPad also (not available for iPad 2).You can also ask Siri to update your twitter and Facebook statuses directly.Also Apple is said to be in talks with all big car manufacturers to have a direct access button placed for Siri. read more

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Best of E3 2012-Top 10 Games at E3 2012 Round Up

top games of e3 2012

So the E3 2012 sure was one heck of a show. As always the Electronic Entertainment Expo did not disappoint and  had something new and innovative to offer though my expectations were not really that high this time as i believed something jaw dropping will happen only after new consoles come out as the current ones have been bottle necking for quite a while now and developers are struggling to make games run smoothly on the ancient hardware.However some surprising games with excellent AI and innovative gameplay did show up that took many by surprise. read more

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New Macbook Pro Specs Announced at WWDC 2012

new macbook pro 2012 specs

The WWDC 2012 is still going on,but we have what we were looking forward to the most tonight,yes its the new Mac Book Pro and Tim has just announced whats new and so amazing about it.So here are the specs of the new Macbook Pro annouced so far.In a nutshell its thinner,faster and has the much speculated Ratina display all of which comes with a hefty price tag ofcourse.

new macbook pro 2012 specs

New Macbook Pro Specs:

  • Processor: Intel 3rd Gen Ivy Bridge Core i7.
  • Graphics : Nvidia 650M Kepler 1 GB DDR5
  • RAM : Upto 16 GB GB DDR3 1600 MHz RAM
  • Display : 15.4-inch Ratina display with 2880 x 1800 resolution . which accounts for 220 ppi 5,184,000 pixels (4X times the current generation MBP).
  • Dimensions and weight  : 0.71 inches thin and weighs 4.6 pounds (lightest MBP ever).
  • Camera : The front facing camera can do 720P face time video conferencing and the new MBP has dual Mics and stereo speakers to make the facetime experience better than ever.
  • Memory : The new Macbook pro will have memory options upto 768 GB of Flash storage.
  • Connectivity: The new Mac book pro comes with USB 3.0,thunderbolt and bluetooth 4.0,SDXC Card reader and WiFi b/g/n connectivity solutions.Also the new MBP comes with megasfe2 power connector.

The Macbook pro also comes with some software enhancements like iMessages and dictation and a lot more.Whats removed is the optical drive and has been replaced with 2 USB 3.0 slots along with thunderbolt.With all this under the hood the new Mac Book pro with core i7 2.3 Ghz and 256 GB of SSD storage would cost  $2199. read more

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