Xolo Black-Initial Impressions

Its getting cut-throat in the sub 10,000-15000 INR market for Android device manufacturers and that is always good for the consumers. XOLO has been trying hard to make an impression in the “affordable” Android segment has launched their best offering (price:performance) couple of days back.

Xolo Black Impressions

The device looks beautiful, is slim and well screwed together with a nice “black” paint job, hence the name BLACK, duh! The highlight of the device has to be the combination of a vivid 5.5″ 1080P display and the hot and fast (pun intended) Snapdragon 615 (2nd gen) 64-bit Soc which makes it quite a good value for money device. Sure we have the cheaper YU Yureka boasting the same (1st gen?) Snapdragon 615 but it sports a 720P display, on the other hand the slightly more expensive (compared to YU) K3 Note from Lenovo sports the first in segment 1080P (price wise) display but loses out on the processor department as it houses the Mediatek octacore processor (generally perceived inferior to the Snapdragon counterpart). read more

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