Android force close Error solution – Force close fix


“Force close error” is perhaps the most hated pop-up error on Android. The worst thing about Force close error is it pops up when you need the app real bad. For example, you want to check your exam’s datesheet and you open up the stock web browser – and you suddenly get this error “Force close error”. It all becomes frustrating!  Force close error mostly comes up only when your phone runs out of free RAM. That’s why you see this error while playing a heavy game or while running a heavy application on your phone. If that’s the case with you, you can simply open your device’s task manager and clear the RAM.  (Task Manager>RAM>Clear RAM). Force close error occurs with a lot of stock apps too because after a certain time period, they become obsolete. If the problem persists, then you will have to do a bit more than what you did just now. Force close error is the most unpredictable error too, there is no one fixed reason why this occurs so there’s no one particular solution; there can be a lot of solutions to this problem. The solutions are mentioned below. read more

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Low Internal Memory Warning on Android Phone Solution


Are you being constantly bugged by the “Low Internal Memory” warnings on your Android phone? It feels irritating to get those warnings. All the phones in the market today show so much of internal memory size, that such errors are way off your mind but once such things start to occur, the large internal memory size myth starts to dwindle away. Before beginning with Low Internal Memory Warning: Solution , let’s talk about internal memory and why do you get lower internal memory than what is promised. read more

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