Android force close Error solution – Force close fix

“Force close error” is perhaps the most hated pop-up error on Android. The worst thing about Force close error is it pops up when you need the app real bad. For example, you want to check your exam’s datesheet and you open up the stock web browser – and you suddenly get this error “Force close error”. It all becomes frustrating!  Force close error mostly comes up only when your phone runs out of free RAM. That’s why you see this error while playing a heavy game or while running a heavy application on your phone. If that’s the case with you, you can simply open your device’s task manager and clear the RAM.  (Task Manager>RAM>Clear RAM). Force close error occurs with a lot of stock apps too because after a certain time period, they become obsolete. If the problem persists, then you will have to do a bit more than what you did just now. Force close error is the most unpredictable error too, there is no one fixed reason why this occurs so there’s no one particular solution; there can be a lot of solutions to this problem. The solutions are mentioned below.



The most common secondary solution is the restart option. It clears the total memory of the phone and this way a lot of RAM gets cleared. And there are chances that now your app has found enough space to run. So try restarting.

Make sure your phone meets the minimum requirements

So you have tried restarting? Okay. Before doing anything else, make sure your phone meets the minimum system requirements of the app you are trying to run. If your phone’s hardware isn’t supporting something then there’s surely no way of doing it. Also, make sure you have have cleared the cache before trying.

Clear App Data

This might hurt your sentiments if it’s a gaming app as you might lose out on all your save-points but you can obviously backup the data first and then try clearing it. If the problem is solved, then it’s okay and in case it doesn’t work – restore all the data you just deleted from the backup.

Check for App Updates

Force close error might even be because of bad code from developers’ end so you can always try giving update a try. Since developers constantly try making the apps better so you can try your luck and check for app updates and find out whether the problem has been solved for your particular device or not.

Re-Install the app

Okay, since the options are being narrowed down. This is one of the last few things you can do to get the app going. While installing the app, some files might have got corrupted and there are always chances that the app can work if you give it one more try. In case the problem is still there, you can mail the developers’ team about the issues along with your phone’s model and maker name.

Update the OS

Updating your operating system will help. When Android v6.0 was launched, there was a permanent force close error for the Google Play Store. The official developers’ team took sometime to fix this, meanwhile a lot of freelance developers came up with their solutions on XDA (they flashed different ROMs) but later on, there was an official update from the Android team and the force close error problem was permanently solved. So updating the Operating System frequently might help and if you don’t see any update try a custom rom by rooting your android phone. A comprehensive guide to each one of your models is coming soon.