Low Internal Memory Warning on Android Phone Solution

Are you being constantly bugged by the “Low Internal Memory” warnings on your Android phone? It feels irritating to get those warnings. All the phones in the market today show so much of internal memory size, that such errors are way off your mind but once such things start to occur, the large internal memory size myth starts to dwindle away. Before beginning with Low Internal Memory Warning: Solution , let’s talk about internal memory and why do you get lower internal memory than what is promised.

Low Internal Memory Warning

Suppose you have a phone whose internal memory size is 16GB. 16GB of internal memory might sound great to anyone but the thing is you will never get total 16GB for your use. You might end up getting only 4GB too! 16GB of internal memory is also used for storing your phone’s operating system, some stock apps like Google Play Store, YouTube, Google Maps etc. Such apps need space and they are stored on internal memory. Android OS alone takes up a lot of space on internal memory. So, basically that is why you get lower memory size than what you are promised. Now coming to Solution of Low Internal Memory Warning, read on.

Move the App Data to External SD Card

This is mostly for all the rooted users. If you haven’t rooted your phone yet, then it’s the time to do. All the rooted users can download apps like Link2SD, FolderMount pro etc and easily move the App Data to external SD card. This way you can save a lot of space on the internal memory and get rid of the low internal memory warning.

As far as the unrooted users are concerned, there are only a few options for moving the data to external SD card. There are apps like App2SD which can help you but they do not work on all the phones. So make sure you create a backup of all the app files before trying out any such thing. Also make sure your device is compatible with the app before using it. For backing up app data, you can use Helium app. Helium works fine for unrooted users.

Delete WhatsApp messages and Texts

If you have been using Whatsapp for too long and haven’t deleted messages in a while then delete as much messages as possible. Your laziness is costing you internal memory! Not just whatsapp messages, you can also remove the text messages and save some space. I personally saved 40MB once just by clearing out a lot of vague Whatsapp family group texts and ended up getting rid of the low internal memory warning for a few days.

Clear Cache Memory and Junk Files

Cache memory is really hard to clear manually so use apps like Cleanmaster for clearing the cache memory and deleting junk files. If you are using it for the first time on your phone then you are surely going to save so much of space that you might have not even thought of!

Clear the LOST.DIR folder

There’s this LOST.DIR folder on your Android phone’s directory. LOST.DIR folder stores all the corrupted files when you transfer data from your phone to PC or to Mac. So clearing out this folder is also advisable.

Uninstall Apps

This is perhaps the most obvious thing to do, even the low internal memory warning says “try deleting some apps”. You can delete all the unused apps on your phone and you’ll save a lot of internal memory. There are certain apps that are downloaded just out of curiosity but are never used, all of us have such apps on our phones so try deleting some of those.

Well this is all we could sum up for getting rid of the low internal memory warning. If you have any suggestions or any tips for fellow readers please drop them down on the comments section.