Best Free VPN Softwares 2015

VPN’s (Virtual Private network) have become a rather popular solution for secure, anonymous browsing  and to open blocked or georestricted websites.

So, we have taken up the job of finding the best free VPN softwares for you but if you are quite serious about your security & anonymity and would like hassle free browsing with no bandwidth restrictions or pop up ads, we would recommend you to sign up with premium versions of either HidemyAss or StrongVPN.

Both are quite good and are considered to be the best VPN service providers, choosing one among these two should be easy. Simply consider the budget you are comfortable spending and the features you need and pick one, you cannot go wrong with either of them as they have been in the VPN industry for a long time and are quite reputed for their service, support and privacy with your data.

I personally use HidemyAss as they offer less complicated packages that seem to be hassle free if you are not sure how much of a VPN you would need like the supported bandwidth, speed etc and also their offering is quite good for the price.

But if you know how much of a VPN you need, StrongVPN offers more flexibility with its customizable packages which is why it could be a smarter choice for the well informed, and for the ones who love free stuff, or would like to test the waters check out the ones listed below.

Best free VPN Software’s 2015:

1)Open VPN: Open VPN as the name suggests is an open source VPN based on open SSL written by James Yonan and is published under the GNU General Public License. It is free to use and provides highest level of privacy and security and if thats what you are looking for, then look no further. Download Open VPN.

2) Cyber Ghost: Cyber ghost is one of the best free VPN service provider based out in Romania Germany. Their VPN meets security and quality conditions of the federal agencies. They allow upto 1 GB of free bandwidth for free users and also have some reasonably priced paid versions.

3)Security KISS: Security KISS is a new yet promising VPN service provider which provides up to 300 MB of free data usage every day which sums up to 9 GB of free data usage with a speed support up to 100 Mb/sec which should be more than enough for many.

4)Anchor Free’s Hotspot Shield: One of the most popular VPN software, Anchor Frees Hotspot shield provides free VPN service supported by ads. Though there is no limitation in bandwidth in the free version, lots of ads popup on every web page which can get quite annoying. But if you need a VPN occasionally or can withstand those ads then you should definitely give Hotspotshield a try.

5)Tunnel Bear: Tunnel Bear is a critically acclaimed VPN software for its simple and intuitive UI and effective capability. Thought the free version provides only 500 MB of free usage per month you can tweet a request and get an additional 500 MB of usage, a rather tacky promotional scheme but definitely worth asking for.

5 thoughts on “Best Free VPN Softwares 2015

  1. Security Kiss is no longer free.

  2. I used free VPN service before, but found some major speed/bw limitations ,and they only have a handful of servers. Now I switched to this VPN service:, it`s faster, more servers to choose from, only downside is that it`s a paid service…

  3. JokerAboveMe says:

    So Adam,

    You used alot of free VPN’s (Which this site is about), then thought to yourself “I’m fed up with free VPN, i’m going to buy premium!”. So you then decide to try a VPN that not only doesn’t offer free usage, but, also one you’ve never used! That’s risky isn’t it?

    Why didn’t you go premium with one you’ve tried for free, personally?

    Take your BS referal link elsewhere!

    Personally I think (Know for certain), that the best 3 are: CyberGhost, TunnelBear and SecurityKiss. TB and SK are slugging it out for 2nd!

    Although CyberGhost has a 1Gig monthly usage limit, it works in conjunction with UTorrent and doesn’t affect speed at all. In fact if your ISP throttles your P2P traffic/bandwith at certain times, it even bypasses those restrictions imposed by your ISP!

    I was lucky enough to snag a promotion I stumbled across 2yrs ago, where they gave 10Gig (Was like a mini premium, I could even choose server locations) a month for a year!

    I don’t think these promotions exist anymore. Anyway I’m back to the 1Gb now, and I plan on going premium sometime after I get my new lappy.

    PS: Don’t touch HotSpot Shield with a stick! They Install Adware and Malware, and your browser constantly redirects to everywhere but the site you want. You’ve been warned!!!

    • @joker don’t talk like a joker Actually I use Hotspot Shield on my windows OS from last one year without any performance or malware issues. It is best for me…..

  4. JokerAboveMe says:

    To Rikki, yes it is, i’ve still got the daily 300Mb usage, with (usually) about 8-12 servers to choose from!

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