Best of E3 2012-Top 10 Games at E3 2012 Round Up

So the E3 2012 sure was one heck of a show. As always the Electronic Entertainment Expo did not disappoint and  had something new and innovative to offer though my expectations were not really that high this time as i believed something jaw dropping will happen only after new consoles come out as the current ones have been bottle necking for quite a while now and developers are struggling to make games run smoothly on the ancient hardware.However some surprising games with excellent AI and innovative gameplay did show up that took many by surprise.

So here are my favorites for this year’s E3-Top Games of E3 2012 gentlemen :

Best of E3 2012.

1) Watch Dogs :

best of e3 2012

This one was an absolute surprise,i bet not just to me. Being a big fan of open world games this game caught my attention quickly. When you’d  look at the trailer you will realize that the visuals are great, really neat and well thought out city is always an eye candy and you can jump and mess around which makes it so more much fun. The gameplay video starts off slow and right when you would be wondering what’s really happening there comes an action sequence connected by the dots of the prior investigation that confused you …will blow you away. There was no doubt in my mind placing it at no.1 position in the best games of E3 2012 list, watch it yourself and decide if it deserves that.

Developer : Ubisoft

Platforms : Xbox 360,PS3,PC (Thankfully).

Release date : 2013


 2) The Last of US :

top games of e3 2012

Talking about AI, this game’s trailer has set the bar here. The voices, reactions and conversations that come along the path of this post-apocalyptic third person action game came as absolute shocker to me and i bet my ass it would blow yours too. The Last of US definitely is one of that kind of game which proves it again that graphics and eye candy are just a small part of a “cool game” and what really matters is the gameplay above all. Another exclusive play station users are going to boast to the rivals, for quite a while.

Developer : Naughty Dog

Platforms : PS3 Exclusive

Release date : 2013


3) Rayman Legends :

best e3 games 2012

Innovative game at E3 2012 ? Rayman Legends it is ! This brand new Wii U game though is  claimed to be only  half way through the development will surely gonna put a smile on your face, a big one indeed, why ? check for yourself.

Developer : Ubisoft

Platforms : Wii U

Release date : 2013


4) Assassins Creed 3 :

best of e3 2012 ac3

For those of you (like me) who has been sick of the monotonous gameplay of the Assassins creed franchise and been cursing it  to not to put something “really new” on the table can now take a fresh breath of air as Assassins creed is coming in a all new avtar. Its war time folks and you play Connor, the British- American rebel  that ignites revolution and gonna kick some real ass. There will be horses ,guns, ships and battlefields sunk in blood. Check out the breath taking trailer.

Developer : Ubisoft

Platforms : PS3,Xbox 360,PC,Wii U

Release date :October 30-31 2012.


5) ) Halo 4 :

top game of e3 2012

Microsoft comes to the rescue to cheer up the rather disappointed Xbox 360 mob so that they can stand upto PS3 owners when they talk about exclusives. Halo 4 looks reeboted,graphically enhanced and more exciting than ever. Let the trailer do the rest of the talking.

Developer : 343 Industries.

Platforms : Xbox 360.

Release date : November 6 2012.


6) Tomb Raider Crossroads:

tomb raider best e3 game of 2012

This trailer will reach out to your soul and make you feel the “pain”. You do not play a hot chick that shoots and kicks like Chuck Norris anymore (pun intended) but its rather realistic, painful struggle that would keep you in the edge of your seat, well let’s hope it does. Check out the trailer.

Developer : Square Enix.

Platforms : Xbox,360,PS3,PC.

Release date : March 5th 2013.


7) Splinter Cell Blacklist  :

best games of e3 2012

Many Splinter cell fans were disappointed and you might be too if you don’t put an open mind to this one and try to absorb and enjoy the changes in the gameplay.Sure the stealth low profile action in the previous splinter cell series was pretty amazing but i dint mind how they have added some hardcore action touch to the stealth gameplay.

Developer :Ubisoft

Platforms :Xbox,360,PS3,PC.

Release date : Spring 2013


8 ) Crysis 3 :

top 10 games at e3 2012

Crytek is a serious game developer, we all are aware of that but i was afraid that it might just bring old wine in a new bottle this time and have same sort of gameplay we had in Crysis 2 with some more texture tweaks making it more shiny and offering nothing new in the gameplay department. However i’m glad i am wrong, the game not only looks spectacular (as expected) but also looks new and fresh with new combat styles and weapons,especially the super cool bow  & arrow.

Developer :Crytek Frankfurt.

Platforms :Xbox,360,PS3,PC.

Release date : February 2013.


9)Dishonored :

top 10 games of e3 2012

A quick glance will get you confused it for Bioshock, but that’s not really that bad, is it ?Again the graphics won’t blow you away either, but the sound, camera, direction and expected gameplay surely looks creepy, which is what it is ought to look like.

Check it out.

Developer :Bethesda Softworks.

Platforms :Xbox,360,PS3,PC.

Release date :October 9-12 2012.


10)NFS Most Wanted :

best of e3 2012

I was really looking forward to this, but i won’t say i was impressed. However its too soon to tell as criterion rarely disappoints. The game did look exciting but surely wasn’t really ready. we saw screenshots of cars with no driver, burnout stickers on the number plates and a lot of resemblance with previous criterion games making us wonder if they are really ready with the right trailer but in the end if the game delivers the excitement that was packed in the NFS Most Wanted (1st gen) it surely would be one of the most successful games listed down here.

Developer:Criterion Games

Platforms:X360, PS3, PC, PS Vita,iOS,Android.

Release date : 30 October-2 November 2012.

So those are our picks for the best of E3 2012,list down yours and let us know if you agree/disagree with our take on these games. Please share this post on Facebook and Twitter if you like it.


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