4 Best Themes for CyanogenMod 7


You will fall in love with this beautiful theme called Lunar UI. This theme is completely different from all other existing interfaces. It is created by “R3D X”, a member of XDA forum. Unlike other themes, it uses different colours in its interface as most of Android themes stick with 2 or 3 colours. This theme introduces a completely new concept with an extra ordinary status bar, beautiful status bar power widgets and gorgeous over-scrolling glow. Use this theme with colourful backgrounds and bring your Android phone back to life with its bold colours.

Download Lunar UI theme



Best CyanogenMod 7 Theme MIUI



MIUI is actually another well known name like Cynogenmod which provides custom roms for Android devices. Like Cynogenmod, it doesn’t cover all the Android devices. But fortunately, a member at XDA developer – ZduneX25 has developed a theme that exactly mimics the MIUI look. Like MIUI interface, it has transparent interface with an awesome bootscreen, gorgeous black status bar, white menus and new status bar power widgets. Presently, it has two versions one is transparent and other one is black. Hit the link below to know more.

Download MIUI Theme


Windows Phone7 Theme


Top CyanogenMod Windows phone 7 theme

Windows phone 7 theme



How can we forget window’s phone 7’s  sleek interface when we’re talking about a good UI. Its minimal status bar and live tiles are extremely intuitive and user friednly. Again a developer at XDA forum- Mushroom Lord  successfully mimicked the look of Windows Mobile OS for Android users. Combine this Cynogenmod theme with any of available windows phone launcher like “Launcher 7″ and believe me your friends won’t be able to figure out any difference between windows phone and your Android “smart” phone.

Download Windows Phone 7  Theme


Matted Blues


Best CyanogenMod 7 Theme matted blue

Matted Blues


As the name suggests, this theme dips your phone’s UI into a light shade of blue. This theme has a simple interface and looks extremely beautiful on all Android devices including tablets. Not only it changes status bar icons but it also changes system application icons like messaging applications etc with a touch of glowing blue. This theme comes only as a paid version and is available in the Android market(Google Play). If you love simplicity as i do then this theme is a must try.

Download Matted Blues Theme


If you’ve got another exciting theme for Cynogenmod 7, then please don’t forget to share it with us through comments.

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