How to Add an MP3 file as SMS/Alarm tone on Android

So if you are trying to add an MP3 file as SMS/Alarm tone on your Android phone you would realize that its not possible directly via options around that mp3 file,you would only see the option to set it as default caller tune or assign it to a contact.Well there is a solution to it,infact two,one would be pretty simple with help of a 3rd party app and the other would take you some work to create some folders and sub folders.So if you don’t want any more apps taking up your phone’s memory then lets see the actual process that will help you to set mp3 files as sms/alarm tones :

Method 1 :

Here is a step by step process to add mp3 tones as SMS and Alarm tones :

1)Create a folder called “Media” on your Phone memory or SD card.

2)Create a sub folder called “audio” in the “Media” Folder.

3)Create 3 new folders in the “audio” folder 1)notifications 2)Alarms 3) Ringtones.

Now for the mp3 tones you want to set up as message (SMS) tones move them to “notifications” folder ,the ones you want as “Alarm” tones and Ringtones to their respective folders.

Now to enable the mp3 tone as your message notification tone go Messages>Settings>Set ringtone.

Where you would see the mp3 Ringtones you have put in the “notifications” folder as a choice to set as your message alert tone now.Repeat the same process for Alarm tones,go to settings of Clock and choose from the ones you have put in the “Alarms” folder.

Method 2 :

This is rather simple as a third party app would take care of all the work and will allow you to put any mp3 files as message,call or alarm tone.Its called Ringdroid and you can download it from the play store for free.
Not only does it simply add the possibility to add any mp3 tone as notification or specific contact caller tune or as default caller tune directly but also lets you edit which part of an mp3 file you want as your tone.

Here is how you do it :

Open the Mp3 file of your choice on the Ringdroid app by clicking on it.Now select the starting and ending point of the mp3 file you would want to use as per you liking,you can just leave it as it is if you don’t wan to select a particular section of it and click on the save button on the bottom.

how to set message tone in Android using ringdroid

Now you would be popped up with the options to set the selected tone with the select region as your notification tone or alarm or even contact tone,select it as per your requirement as shown below.

So that is it,quite simple and powerful isn’t it ? Ringdroid makes setting ringtones and alert tones on Android pretty fun and gives you the choice to select a specific region of the mp3 file and put it as your notification tone A must have app on your Android i would say.

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One thought on “How to Add an MP3 file as SMS/Alarm tone on Android

  1. After struggling to assign my favourite notification, I read about this app in a magazine. I downloaded it, installed and ran it.

    I didnt need to read any instructions, from the start its simple and logical to use with an oscilligraph style waveform displayed, similar to Nero’s Wave Editor. Within less then five minutes after loading an MP3 and editing a chorus from one of my favourite tracks, it was then saved to memory, you dont even have to worry where its put or what its going to be used for, as the save option asks you if its a ringtone, default or for a single contact, or even alarm or notification.

    20 mins later, i had many customised and assigned ringtones and notifications.

    Very definately a must have and useful app.

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