How to compress a file using Winrar ?

Winrar is one of the most popular application for Windows,Linux and Mac.It is a must have application as it makes it a lot easy to store and share multiple files of similar if you are wondering how you could create a rar file or compress an existing file using winrar then you are the right place.

how to compress a file using winrar

we are assuming that you already have Winrar installed on your pc,if not download from here and install it and follow the given instructions.

Step 1 : Right Click on the folder or file that you want to compress using Winrar.

Step 2 : Select Add to Archive option.

Step 3: Select .rar as the extension type.

Step 4 : If the file is large you can split it into manageable pieces,you can select the size of the each part by mentioning the size of each part in MB or you select the available options like split them equally or into a CD size etc.

You can avail this feature to email or upload files you want to share with your friends but you are not able to because of the maximum size limit restriction to email or upload into a file hosting with free account.

how to compress a file using winrar

Select Compression method as Best to compress the file to maximum but if you just want to wrap the file and do not care about reducing the size then select normal compression as it takes lesser time.

So that was all about compressing a file using Winrar.If you still have any doubts,leave a comment and we will get back to you.

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