How to Install Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on HTC One X

As expected,the super nerds at XDA have ported the all new buttery smooth OS iteration of Android,V4.1 Jelly bean on the quad core beast HTC One X.So if you have rooted your HTC One X already then you can enjoy the latest and the greatest version of Android and for those of you who haven’t rooted it yet,here is a good reason for you to root it.

Installing jelly bean 4.1 on HTC One X

By the way you would need to have a rooted One X with an Unlocked Bootloader and have CWM installed.If you don’t you need to do that before thinking to move forward.

So whats really working in this Port ? 

Everything looks to be working except Audio,WiFi,Camera and WiFi,if which can be a deal breakers for many.So people who can hold your enthusiasm to lay your hands on the Jelly bean might just want to skip the process as of now but we recommend you stay update to this thread and do it when the issues are addressed as developers are constantly working at it.

Before we go ahead with the process of Installing Android 4.1 Jelly bean on your HTC One X,here are some preliminary steps we recommend you should follow :

Have a backup of your contacts and current ROM coz you may want to revert it back as the OS is not fully functional.

Step 1 : Download the following Firmware Package from the developers thread.

Step 2 : Copy the Downloaded File to your One X Without extracting it.

Step 3 : Disconnect your phone from the PC.

Step 4 : Download Flash Boot File and Unzip it On the desktop (preferably).

Step 5 : Unzip the Downloaded Firmware Package “” on your PC.

Step 6 :Now Copy the File boot.img from the extracted firmware package and place it in the folder Flash_Boot folder that you kept on the desktop.

Step 7 : Disconnect you Switch off your phone now,Press Volume  Down and Power Button at the same time to enter into Bootloader mode and select FASTBOOT by navigating using the volume rocker and connect your phone to PC.

Step 8 : Now go the Flash_boot Folder that you have extracted on the desktop and run flash-boot-windows.bat (or if you are in Mac or Linux then its respective bat) and the Kernel will be flashed,wait until its done.

Step 9 : Now press the power button and select BOOTLOADER,then select RECOVERY and select ClockworkMod recovery.

Step 10: Now perform a data wipe,Select wipe data/factory reset.Also select Mounts and Storage and format the system by confirming the steps when prompted.

Step 11 : Go back to the main recovery menu and select install from SD card and select and install the firmware file .When you are done go back to the main menu and select Reboot Sytem now.

So that’s it,the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean has been installed,however this being just an SDK port and might have some issues like frequent crashes and freezes.Anyways if you have done the port,do let us know in the comment section and how is the experience so far.

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