How to install Facebook Home on Your Android Device

So you heard about it and now you want to try it on your Android phone or tablet but Google Play store says the device you own is incompatible, don’t be disappointed because there is a way you can try Facebook Home on your gingerbread device as well, initially Facebook had made it exclusive to only a few select devices but it seems now the restriction has been lifted and though its not available for every Android device, most of them should be able to install it (we believe its been made available for ICS and Jelly bean powered devices only) and for those who cannot… read on..

install facebook home on gingerbread devices


Anyways, enthusiastic folks of Android always find a way right ? Its quite simple actually, all you need to do is download the APK and that’s been made available, here is the link to the Facebook Home APK and you can simply download and install it on your phone/tablet and it should work just as advertised (if it doesn’t, please let me know in the comment section).

Now if this is the very first time you are downloading an aftermarket app (APK) then you might have to enable your phone’s permission settings as by default it restricts any app that is not from Google play store. All you need to do is :

1) Go to Settings.

2) Then to Security.

3) Device Administrations and check on Allow to install apps from unknown sources.

Now go to the downloaded APK and click install on it, it should work pretty fine.

See it in action here :

Do let us know what you think of the app and if its worth the hype or not, personally not so much for me as i am not a Facebook head.


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