How to Install Jelly Bean 4.1 on Galaxy Nexus GSM

Google in its I/O meetup recently showed off the Android 4.1 Jelly bean on the Nexus 7 and one of the first mobile devices that would be getting the update officially would of course be Galaxy Nexus.Google has announced that there will be an OTA (over the air) update  in mid July but if you are anything like me and cant hold off the temptation we have a tutorial to flash Jelly bean 4.1 on the GSM variant of Galaxy Nexus all thanks to the work of bigxie at XDA.

tutorial to install jelly bean on galaxy nexus gsm

Now before we begin,you must have a rooted device with clockworkmod recovery installed in order to flash this rom,head over to this link for more details.Assuming your device is already rooted and has clockworkmod recovery installed,lets proceed.

Preliminary Steps :

  • First and foremost,this process is not for CDMA variant,this is specifically for GSM International Galaxy Nexus.
  • Have a backup of all your important data and contacts.
  • Make sure your phone is fully recharged (atleast 70%).

Flashing Process :

Okay here it goes,follow the below steps to install 4.1 jelly bean on your Galaxy Nexus.

Please note that we are not responsible for any damage that might occur to your device by following the below process,please move forward at your risk.

Step 1 : Download the Jellybean Image,Radio and Root fix files from the official thread.Click here for Official thread.

Step 2 : Connect your mobile to the pc and copy all the downloaded files (do not unzip them) to your mobile’s SD card.

Step 3 : Switch off your mobile.

Step 4 : Enter into Bootloader mode :

  •  To do so,Power on your device by Pressing Volume Down + Power on Key at the same time and you would directly enter into clockworkmod recovery.

Step 5:  From the main menu,do a Wipe Data,Clear Cache and Restore Factory settings one after the other.

Step 6 : Now select Install from SD card > Locate the Jelly bean Image >Click on install.

clockworkmod recovery for Galaxy Nexus

Step 7 : After the process is done once again repeat the process for Radio viz. Install from SD card >Locate Radio file>Install.

Step 8 :I you want to unroot your device then repeat the same step mentioned above and install root fix this time.

Step 9: we are done here,now click on +++GO Back+++ and reboot your device.

That’s it,enjoy Android Jelly 4.1 on your Galaxy Nexus,however there will be some occasional bugs and crashes so when there is an official OTA update do update it to it.

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