How to Jailbreak/Unlock Windows Phone 7.5

For all those who bought a new Windows phone 7.5 ( WP7) mobile and are enjoying its user-friendly and fluid UI but are irritated by some of the OS limitations and lack of apps compared to your buddy’s Android/iOS device,Jailbreaking could solve your problems to certain extent as you can gain access to homebrew apps and apply tweaks that would enhance the user experience.

Before we start the process let me first introduce you with different types of Unlocks available on WP7.

1. Full Unlock : Full Unlock involves flashing of Custom ROMs.You can have all the market apps and access to homebrew apps for free.Cotulla has released modified boot loaders for first generation Samsung and HTC Devices. In Full Unlock, Policies would be modified to allow running of native executables

2. Developer Unlock/Chevron WP7 unlock  : Along with all the features that come with Full Unlock  Chevron Developer Unlock enables you to sideload apps from desktop to test the apps in the market place before you can actually launch it officially. A legit developer-unlock costs $99 per year allowing you to deploy your apps into Windows marketplace ChevronWP7 made an unlock tool, which allows you to deploy your apps for testing before you could fully launch it. This method only works on WP7 version 7.0.7004.0 and 7.0.7008.0. It does not work post version 7.0.7355.0.Now Chevron has stopped giving tokens for unlock temporarily and there is no information when they will be able to start it again.

3. Interop Unlock : This is achieved by assigning MaxUnsigned apps to more than 300. It allows the app to use Interop Services Capability  i.e., using drivers on the phone. You can access the file system and edit the registry with Interop unlock

4.  Root Unlock : Here policy will be elevated on a per app basis  that allows running of Silverlight apps without root privileges .In simple words you can download all the xap files from your IE browser on the phone.

Now lets take a detailed look on how to unlock/jailbreak your Windows phone :

1.Full Unlock :

Can be achieved on :

  • HTC ( First Generation)
  • Nokia (Second Generation ( only phones with Qualcomm boot loader) )
  • Samsung (First Generation)

Cannot be achieved on :

  • Dell ( First Generation),
  • Samsung (Second Generation ),
  • HTC (Second Generation )
  • LG ( First Generation )

For Samsung ( First Generation ) : Full unlock on Samsung first Generation phones can be achieved by flashing the custom ROM made by DFT Team Sammy Rainbow. First Generation phones by Samsung include

  • Samsung Focus Rev 1.3 (2K)
  • Samsung Focus Rev 1.4 (4K)
  • Samsung Omnia 7 (2K)
To find the Rev Version remove the battery and you will find a sticker with REV version.

You can download the file here and follow the on-screen instructions to flash the CUSTOM ROM.Please make sure that your battery is charged to 100% before proceeding.The Flashing is done by installing MAGLDR to device which is a custom boot loader by DFT team.

For HTC first Generation Phones :

DarkForce Team (DFT ) also made custom bootloader for HTC’s first generation phones.In HTC phones we found that by flashing the custom ROM it wipes your phone and removes all data. Samsung phones doesn’t have this problem though. Please make sure that your battery is charged to 100% before proceeding

You should download the two files from here and here and follow the onscreen instruction to flash the custom rom. This ROM supports devices

  • Gold (HTC Pro 7,T7575)
  • Mozart (HD3,T8697,T8698,T8699)
  • Mondrian (Surround,T8788)
  • Spark (Trophy,T8686)
  • Schubert (HD7, HD7S, T9292,T9295,T9296)
  • HTC Gold C (HTC Arrive)
  • HTC Spark W (Trophy Verizion)

Warning for HTC Owners:

Do NOT use RSPL / HSPL with Mozart 4.XX and other RUU ROMS with MANGO.All WP7F devices affected: MOZART, GOLD, SCHUBERT, MONDRIAN, SPARK!.It will damage your device.

For Nokia first generation phones with Qualcomm bootloader :

Nokia Lumia 710 and 800 can have NAND Access and full unlock successfully which requires hard reset after installing and an unlocked bootloader . You can find more information here on how to full unlock nokia devices.

For complete guide on Full Unlock you can refer the article at xda developers here

2. Interop Unlock:

1 ) Open up your Samsung WP7’s browser and go to

2 ) Click “WindowBreak Me”

3 ) Tap on “windowbreak”

4 ) A browser window should open up. Ignore it.

5 ) Now press the Windows Home button and go to the dialer and dial ##634#

6 ) A diagnostics keypad should appear.  The version should be 0103. Dial *#9908#

7 ) Select “windowbreak” from the dropdown list

8 ) Press Save and reboot the device to restore your data settings.

That’s it Now your Samsung WP7 phone is interop unlocked.You can download the WP7 root tools v0.9 alpha app to gain root access for whatever applications you want. You can have latest version of  WP7 root tools from here

For LG phones

  1. Dial ##634# to open the diagnostics menu.
  2. Open the MFG app using the password: appmfg#*#
  3. Go to Engineer Menu -> Other Settings -> Edit Registry
  5. Set input path to “\Comm\Security\LVMod”
  6. Set input key to “DeveloperUnlockState” and it set to DWORD.
  7. Leave input data box empty and tap “SET”.
  8. The output should be 0.
  9. Enter “1” in the inputbox and tap “SET”.
  10. Change the input path to “\Software\Microsoft\DeviceReg\Install”
  11. Change the input key to “MaxUnsignedApp” and set to DWORD.
  12. Clear the input data box and hit “SET”.
  13. Type “2147483647” in the inputbox and tap “SET”.
  14. Output result should be “2147483647”.
For HTC phones

HTC owners faced problems in interop unlock,but some people made it successful.There is no harm in giving it a try.

  1. Download HTC interop Unlock.xap from here
  2.  Connect your device to a PC running Zune and install the xap-file using any xap-deploy-tool. You don’t need to start the app. If it starts automatically, you can close it right away.
  3.  Download and install HTC Connection Setup on your HTC device (if you don’t have it already)
  4.  Start HTC Connection Setup.
  5.  Tap the three dots in the down-right corner of your screen and tap “manual select”.
  6.  Tap on the country. This will open a list of countries you can select.
  7.  In the country-list scroll to “Interop Unlock” and select it.
  8.  Tap on the round ok-button at the bottom of your screen and wait until connection setup is finished.
  9.  Tap “Done” to exit the app.
  10.  Now open “Connection Setup” again. This is to prevent Connection Setup opening when you restart your device.
  11.  It will show you your current operator.
  12.  Tap on the round ok-button at the bottom of your screen and wait until connection setup is finished again.
  13.  Tap “Done” to exit the app.

If all goes well your HTC Device is interop unlocked

After Interop unlock you can download the WP7 root tools v0.9 alpha app to gain root access for whatever applications you want. You can get latest version of WP7 root tools from here

You can see the step-by-step guide on how to Interop unlock your device here

Which unlock should You choose ? 

For people ( especially HTC owners ) who don’t want to wipe all the data of their phone with Full unlock should go for Interop unlock and download wp7 root tools to gain root access.Remember Interop unlock + gaining root access is almost close to full unlock. Some people describe it is close to Full unlock with Stock ROMs. Samsung Owners ( first generation ) can go either for Full unlock or Interop unlock as both the methods work flawlessly for them without any issues.I recommend you to go for Full unlock for Samsung owners as it doesn’t wipe off everything from your phone and also DFT released the Bluetooth File transfer app which work only on Fully unlocked Devices. DFT also mentioned that they are working for the app to run on Interop unlocked devices too.

Dell Owners doesn’t have any unlock method until now and sadly they need to stick with Chevron unlock tool and wait for chevron to start giving tokens again. LG owners have to go for Interop unlock only as there is no method to fully unlock it until now.Nokia owners with Qualcomm bootloader (Lumia 710 and Lumia 800 ) can go for Full Unlock though some owners have reported problems.


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  3. So the warning is saying if I have a HTC phone with mango (win 7.5) and I try to do a full unlock ( flashing the memory and installing rspl/hspl) It will DESTROY my phone?????
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    I have a 16gb htc 7 pro running windows 7.5. I like the system but don’t like the lack of good apps and poor customization, and would like to install exe files.

  4. I’m having a hard time cracking my windows 7.5 phone where can I find the info to do so

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