How to open .rar or zip file ?

Now this post might sound a bit awkward to many but we here at techdrag have decided to cover topics related to windows right from  basic to advanced levels and hence we have started off from a simple and basic topic of how to open a .rar or zip  file.


well .rar or zip is one of the most used file type not just in windows,but also in Linux and Mac OS. A .rar file is nothing but a collection of files securely packed or wrapped as a single entity.You can think of a rar file as a purse or a bag that contains a collection of data like documents,pictures etc.

You would need to install third party applications like Winrar or Winzip which are free and very easy to use.Here for a demo purpose we will use Winrar,you can download the application here.

Now after installing the application you will find all the rar files in your pc with an icon like that of winrar app (a pile of books).

Follow the simple steps :

Step 1 : Install Winrar.

Step 2: Click on the .rar file that you want to open.

Step 3: A Pop Up window will open showing multiple options and in that window you can clearly  see the contents of the rar file.

Step 4: Click on Extract To and give the desired path where you want to store thise files,for quick access select Desktop and move the files to you desired location later.

how to open .rar or zip file

Also one must be careful with this file type as executable files like viruses can also be wrapped into a rar file and if you extract them without properly checking the contents you may end up infecting your pc with a virus or trojan.Now thats all about how to extract open .rar files,if you wonder  how to create a .rar file or how to compress a file using winrar read read this guide.