How to root Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus

Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus

Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus

Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus is another mid-range Android device which is an upgraded version of Samsung Galaxy Ace. This time it has 1 GHz processor and 512 Mb RAM. As usual, the stock Android Gingerbread v2.3.  ROM on Galaxy Ace plus S7500 is un-rooted and therefore doesn’t allow you to perform various tasks like overclocking the processor,installing a custom ROM etc as these tasks requires root access. So we’ve written a very easy and effective tutorial to root your Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus S7500. All you’ve to do is to follow every step carefully otherwise you may brick your Android device.

Note:  This Procedure works for Mobiles having stock ROM only.

Before you begin:

  • This will definitely void your warranty, although the warranty can be claimed by un-rooting your device.
  • Also make a backup of all your contacts, messages and other necessary applications.
  • Before you begin, make sure that your phone has at least 50% of battery.
  • All the required Samsung mobile drivers should be installed. One easy way is to install KIES2.0 on your Windows PC; it will install all the required drivers.

Advantage of Rooting:

  • You’ll be able to install an advance clockwork recovery mode (CWM).
  • You’ll be able to install custom firmware which provides lot of more functions and significantly improve the performance of your phone.
  • You’ll also be able to overclock your processor.
  • You’ll be able to use all the applications that requires a rooted phone like “Screenshot it”.

Things that you have to download:


  1. First of all enable USB Debugging in your Samsung Ace PLUS. For that go to:
  2. Settings > Application > Development” and check out USB Debugging option.
  3. Thereafter, connect your phone to PC/laptop viaUSBCable and copy Root.tar that you downloaded above to the root of your SD Card through data cable.
  4. Now switch off your Android device and again switch it on in recovery mode.To get into recovery mode ,  hold the both volume buttons and the home button and the lightly touch the power button until it switches on.
  5. After successfully entering into recovery mode, use volume keys for navigation and home key to confirm.
  6. So, using volume keys navigate to “apply update from SD card” and choose “root.tar” that you copied in step 2 above. (Use home key to confirm)
  7. Wait until it says, “Successfully installed the file”.  This will confirm that you’ve successfully install root.tar. Now reboot the device.
  8. Finally root your Samsung Galaxy Ace PLUS using  DooMLoRD’s Easy Rooting Toolkit available at XDA forum [Link].

That’s all about rooting your Samsung Galaxy Ace PLUS. If you’re facing problems with this procedure, you can raise them through comments.

Update : Post is updated now with a working guide to root your Samsung Galaxy ACE plus.


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44 thoughts on “How to root Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus

  1. sd card is memory card…..right… but it dosent shows root.tar there…

  2. it is showing internal memory there not the sd card

  3. Make sure you’ve inserted your SD card properly and your phone is detecting it.

  4. i cant find doom lord’s easy rootkit..plz also tell how to use it

  5. @shrey,here is the updated link:

    This page contains all the instructions to use DooMLoRD’s Easy Rooting Toolkit !


    Follow this oitherewise you will not be able to get out of recovery.

  7. My comp says that there are no drivers installed for the device or something like that …
    However, I can transfer songs and other files via bluetooth. please help

    • Please go to settings>wireless and Network >USB Settings >Select Mass Storage and then connect your device to computer and it will open as a normal USB drive.

      Also you can install Samsung Kies Software and select Samsung kies option in the USB settings and then connect the phone to ur pc and use it via the software (kies) and perform tasks like backing up your contacts,messages etc.

  8. leon scott kennedy says:

    Every try to download odin3 and root always failed. What should i do? Please help, thx

  9. IM not able to root..i correctly copied the root.tar file on root of sd crd…but while i go in recovery mode i dont c that file anywhr..wt shud i do..

  10. Nhi hoo raha

  11. my phone samsung galaxy ace plus s7500 got stuck in recovery mode unable to boot normally, first i rooted my device using odin3 n didn’t installed any Rom or kernel, then by mistake i disabled usb debugging, checked for software updates in settings i got some updates, downloaded it after reboot my phone doesn’t start normally always goes into recovery mode without pressing vol + home power button, i thought to root once again but i couldn’t install any zip file —> installation aborted error. i tried to rename the zip file as but even then the same error (file was not plz provide the solution i want my phone to funtion normally, any help will be grealty appreciated.

    Thank you

  12. i dnt find sd card in recovery mode…it only shows internal mem….can i copy root.tar to my internal mem and root the phone using it…..

  13. Hi..Suddenly I fear losing my warranty if I do all these steps though I am so tempted despite my lack of knowledge on anything that is so techinical. The steps alone seem to be so scary to do. And I dont have anymore my Galaxy Fit for back up. I wrote the developer of Fonts for Galaxy series re my request to add in Jester Font since I got from his application the Abcissa and Rehotalko (my favorite at the moment) and they all got stored in my external sd card. Would you know whre I can find Jester Font for android and do the simplest steps? My phone is under warranty and I dont want to jeopardize that if possible.

    Thank you!


  15. How can I install Android 4.0.1 ICS on my7 ace plus?

    Is Ace and Ace Plus different on ROM/ROOT things? Since I have searched a lot of places, everyone is talking of ace and none for plus.

    Some say Plus isn’t better than former. Some says CM9 wont work on Plus.

    Please clarify my doubts. Thanks you.

  16. Will rooting erase any data on my phone

  17. i m feeling so scary abt to root or not cause nobody using this has a positive commet. sir, please explain it to me openly so that i can root my device

  18. i can not find my memory card in my samsung galaxy ace recovery mode

  19. hi

    i opened odin, my ace plus phone was added into odin, then i clciked on pda selected root tar file/…it went through process of rooting, then said complete, i got green pass on odin…so assumed i had rooted sucessfully..but dont see superuser anywhere on phone ? does the root tar have to be put on sd card in phone, or have i done it right, would appreciate some advice


  20. In recovery mode, doesn’t show root.tar in sdcard or anywhere else. why is that?

  21. i cant put the root file without disabling the debugging mode

  22. hey in my device root.tar file is not showing in the recovery mode… pls help me

  23. hey! did the instruction really insist because non of us can figure out where is the root .tar ?

  24. please tell how to unroot out!

  25. please tell me how to unroot it?

  26. is it nessesry to connect it with pc and where odin is used?

  27. we have to do from sd card or external sd
    ?…afterr diond updte from sd card and the installation.. it doesn’t show the message.. “succesfully installed the file”

  28. it is not showing root.tar in sd card… please tell..what to do?… please reply

  29. hey can update my mobile firmware on 2.3.6 to 4.0.1 my mobile is ace plus(gt750) hey plz help me…………….

  30. Hi i live in CAMBODIA).I want to ask you why my phone can not connect auto pc(galaxy ace plus)?

  31. Thanks! It works!! Now I really own my phone.

  32. My phone doesn’t connect to Odin when it’s in download mode.
    How can I make it connect to Odin?I really want to root my phone

  33. can you tell me Why my phone can not get get network, it is always showing Emergency calls only. please tell me the solutions
    whatt I have to do or send me the solution to my mail id : m

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