How to Root Sony Xperia Neo ICS 4.0.4 Build 4.1.B.0.431

Sony had been rolling out updates to the legacy devices Arc, Arc S and Neo recently and if you are one of those who happen to have updated your device to ICS 4.0.4 from Gingerbread or earlier ICS 4.0.3 we have the right guide to get root your device.

I repeat this guide to root the Sony Xperia Neo works only for ICS 4.0.4 Build 4.1.B.0.431 not the earlier 4.0.3 so be careful and make sure you have the right version of Android running down there. To confirm what version of OS you are running go to settings and scroll down and click on About Phone.

Now assuming that you have confirmed the version of your OS I’m going to ask you to move forward to the the rooting procedure, but before that make sure you know the prerequisites :

  • Rooting Voids Warranty of your device, however you can always flash back stock firmware and unroot it to claim your warranty.
  • Also make sure you have enabled USB Debugging, go to settings and enable USB debugging under connectivity options.
  • Install ADB drivers, if you are not sure that you have ADB drivers then download and install this.
  • Now go to Applications>Security and check on the unknown sources (Allow installation of non market apps).
  • Now go to connectivity again and USB connectivity and select MSC Mode.
  • Install your device drivers on your PC, we recommend you install the mobile PC suite (PC companion) which installs the required drivers.
  • Make a backup of your Messages, contacts and all the necessary data on your mobile.
  • Charge your mobile to at least 60%.

Now let’s move forward to rooting your device, so here is the guide to root Sony Xperia Neo ICS 4.0.4 :

1) Download the following flash tool and kernel :

Update : For downloads use the official thread, click here .

2) Connect USB cable to your Phone first and then to the PC. Ignore the PC Companion’s request.

3) Extract the downloaded flash tool C:\>Flash tool.

4) Now extract and place the downloaded kernel into C:\>Flash tool >Firmware.

5) Now click on Flash tool and select flashing mode and click ok.

The flashing process will start and will finish and your mobile will boot on its own, the process is complete, on the first boot it might take a while so do not panic about it. To check whether your phone has been rooted or not please download the app “Root Checker” from Google play. In case you are having any issues please leave a comment.

14 thoughts on “How to Root Sony Xperia Neo ICS 4.0.4 Build 4.1.B.0.431

  1. kernel is not available for download plz provide a working link

  2. sorry flash tool is not available

  3. i did everything but not happen anything
    what i do?

  4. Please check your links! Kernel-link is not working!!!

  5. Kernel link isnt working

  6. The Kernel link does not work.

    PLEASE, check it.

  7. did i need to root after i got all of it like picture upstair?and the what the latest kernel for xperia neo.?

  8. Do I disconnect my phone from PC while I am waiting for it to re-boot? And if it doesn’t re-boot I just turn it on myself???? Or what should i do?

  9. How to Root Sony Xperia Neo ICS 4.0.4 Build 4.1.B.0.587
    i tried many way but failed miserably 🙁
    had to repair using pc companion..

    pls help

  10. mirishikiari says:

    i cant find the root.tar file in the file i left it in

  11. Méthode 1 work!! Thanks a lot 🙂

  12. when in i placed in into my SD card it doesn’t show up into the recovery mode

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