Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Tablets Overview

Microsoft today announced its own line up of tablets that took everyone by surprise.They call it Microsoft Surface.The Tablets run Windows 8 as expected and come in two variants,the the Surface RT and Pro.While the Surface RT runs on ARM based processor (Most probably Nvidia Tegra 3) the PRO version will run on Intel based processor.These new tablets look really unique and funky,lets have a brief birds eye view on these new Windows 8 tablets.

Surface Windows RT VS Pro Specs

Display : Both the tablets run on a 10.6″ cleartype HD Capacitive touch LCD display but sport different resolutions,the Windows Surface RT variant has a native resolution of 720P where as the Pro is full HD 1080P.

Processor : There was no exact names or numbers given but the Windows RT is said to be having an ARM based processor by nvidia,most probably its the Tegra 3 and the pro variant is to be powered by intel’s latest ivy bridge 3 gen mobile processors,most probably an i5.

Memory : The Microsoft Surface RT will be available in 32,64 GB Flash storage where as the Pro would come in 64 GB and 128 GB variants.

Build : As expected the RT variant would be lighter and thinner due to  lesser config.The Surface RT would be 9.3mm thick and weigh just 676 gms where as the Pro surface tablet would be 13.5mm thick and weigh 903 gms.

Battery : The RT variant will be powered by a 31.5 Wh battery compared to 42 Wh battery in the pro.

Ports : The Widows 8 Surface RT will have MicroSD card slot,USB 2.0, Micro HD Video, 2×2 MIMO antennae and the Pro variant will have microSDXC, USB 3.0, Mini DisplayPort, 2×2 MIMO antennae.

Software : As the name suggests the RT variant will run a lighter version of windows 8,called as Windows 8 RT which also includes Office Home & Student 2013 RT where as the Pro will have Windows 8 Pro.

The best part are the accessories,both the tablets come with touch and type covers which are magnetically attached to the touch display panel making it a fully usable notebook,the display would be supported by a stand and a VaporMg Case also comes along the bundled package.Also there is an optional touch pen available for the pro variant.

There is no official word on pricing but our guess would be around 500-750$ for the Windows 8 RT tablet and the Surface Pro would be around 1000$-1250$.Windows 8 RT would be announced along with the retail version of windows 8 this fall and the Pro tablets are scheduled 3 months after that.

Mean while enjoy the trailer of the new Microsoft Surface Tablet.

Check out the new touch and type cover in action :