Top 10 Free iOS Games 2012

So you are looking for some free games for your iPhone/iPod ….well of course there are tons of them available in the app market but not all of them are worth your time,isn’t it.So we have compiled a list of best free iOS games for 2012 (until now) and will keep updating this list with newer and better free games from time to time.

So without wasting much of your precious time lets dig into the list of  top free iOS games of 2012 :

1)100 Floors : A cute little free puzzle game is here to rock your iPhone.100 Floors is a puzzle game where the only challenge for you is to make it to the top floor by solving the puzzles put before you and only then you can move to the next level.Developers of this game are quite excited by its success have promised more levels to be added every now and then so that the fun never ends.

2)Swardigo : Who doesn’t love the old school hash and slash games with classic boss stages that look awesomely cute and is full of eye candy.Swordigo is one of that kind where you cannot resist to play until the end, definitely one of the best free iOS game of 2012.

3)Highway Rider : Racing is fun,be it on your iPhone or in real life,except its safer and equally fun when you play it on your iPhone.Highway Rider by Acid games packs all the fun you’d expect from a bike racer and being free makes it further irresistible.

4)Line Surfer : Often a game comes out that looks rather basic but surprises you with its engaging gameplay.Well Line Surfer is one of that kind.It has been one of  top free games on the app store for a reason you should definitely check it out.

5)Ice Rage : This game is as cool as it sounds.It packs in funny and adorable looking characters set out to play some competitive ice hockey.Another gem of a game that deserves a mentioning in the list top free iPhone games for 2012.

Ice rage free iOS Game

6)Ninjump Deluxe : You might be quite familiar with this game,this is a rather popular game on multiple mobile platforms and we have its newest iteration promising more fun than before.With its fast paced game play, great graphics and compelling audio Ninjump Deluxe Free is totally worth a try.

7)Rope’n’Fly 3-From Dusk Till Dawn : “Use your ropes to swing a destructible ragdoll from one skyscraper to the others”-Sounds fun right ? well indeed it is.

8 )Race or Die 2 : So what would you do ? well i’d rather race.Jokes apart this free game is getting a lot of appreciation lately and that’s quite understandable as the gameplay is really exciting and lives upto its hardcore name.The game is fast and ferocious and would push your adrenaline to its peak -well i might have overstated that a little bit but all i want to say is this free game won’t disappoint you.

9)Frontline Commando : You cannot ask for more in a free game,Frontline Commando by Glu Games is as engaging and fun a free war game could ever get,with no second thoughts download it.

10)Jetpack Joyride : Last but not the least,a brilliantly designed game both visually and gameplay wise.Jetpack Joyride indeed takes you on a joyride on your backpack powered by jets.err.well..the game is innovative and absolute fun is what i of the most deserving free game to be tagged among the best ios games of 2012.

So these are my picks in the free games category that i feel are worth your time and hassle to download,so did you like them ?…which one is are your favorite ?…do let me know in the comment section below and if you have found this article helpful please take a second to share it on Facebook or Retweet it.

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