Top 5 Android Mobiles Running ICS

The most irritating issue with Android devices is that they aren’t updated to the latest version no matter how much premium priced your device is,its been quite a while since ICS has launched and its shocking that only 4% of  all the devices are running it.

This problem has to be addressed sooner or later by Google by putting serious implications but again it looks like a day dream to even expect that much as its virtually impossible for Google to make so many manufacturers update all of their devices (again a large number).

Anyways being fed up with this issue,users have just learnt to buy new devices with the latest version of Android which now is Ice Cream sandwich (Android V 4.0).Now certainly thats nothing to be excited about,its a pathetic situation and people are trying to live with it.I hope certainly someday Google will address this issue more seriously.

Moving on,our post today here is about picking the best among the 4% of Android devices running ICS.So here goes the list :


Top 5 Android Devices Running ICS : –


1) Samsung Galaxy S3 : Samsung Galaxy S3 has been unveiled recently at London.It can be argued as the most powerful and feature rich Android Device till date.Samsung had great sucess with Android Devices, conquering 26% of the whole smartphone industry alone,sammy has proved its mettle again and again.Some even argue that the war of smartphones should be denoted as Samsung VS Apple and not iOS vs Android.Galaxy S3 is a spectacular device running ICS 4.0 with a 4.8″ spectacular Super Amoled HD display and a quad core Exynos CPU which makes it a hell of a device.We wont be surprised if it becomes the most sold Android Device ever.

2) HTC One X : With its unique unibody construction and Sense UI on top HTC has always been a great contender to Samsung,however it lacks at one aspect ….display …which could be the only possible explanation of samsung being more successful.But this time HTC has something really awesome under its sleeve.HTC introduced One X,another quad core monstrous phone with great build quality and a much Superior SLCD2 HD display which according to many is pretty close to Sammy’s Amoled.


3)Samsung Galaxy Nexus : well the official phone from Google,the Galaxy Nexus was the first to be loaded with Android ICS.For those who want to be the first to get any update in the Android OS should look no further.

4)HTC Sensation XE : This is another favorite Android Device that has recently been updated to Android v 4.0 ICS.This Galaxy S2 competitor has a great build as in all HTC phones and also features a faster 1.5GHz processor and Beats Audio tech & headphones acts as icing on cake.


5)HTC One V : This though inst in league with the other 4 devices listed here comes ICS ready.The HTC One V is a midrange Android device with specs just good enough to run the ICS without any major issues.This Mobile would be a great buy for those who carve for ICS and are at a budget.



So these are the top 5 ICS devices to buy right now,leave a comment if you own one that has been officially upgraded to ICS and you think would be a great buy.

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2 thoughts on “Top 5 Android Mobiles Running ICS

  1. One more addition to this list. The new HTC One S. It is really an amazing phone and somewhere the users believe that even though S3 had collected major hype, HTC One S can be called as an undeclared winner due to the features it has.

  2. Big HTC fan. Gave up my incredible 2 and made the mistake of purchasing the LG spectrum, returned after two days and replaced it with the galaxy nexus. Unexpectedly, the best phone I’ve ever had.

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