Top 5 HD Games for Android Tablets

There are just so many games available on the Android market today that it’s hard to say which of them are better than the rest. So I’m gonna make that job easier for you by listing the best HD games available for Android tablets briefly telling you why they are so.

Top 5 HD Games for Android Tablets :

1)  Angry Birds Space Premium

Everybody knows birds with severe anger management issues make for great entertainment. Hell, it’s the biggest global phenomenon since Zombies. And what makes it better is that we also know exactly how much fun they are! Indeed, it is a lot of fun offing those obnoxious pigs in elaborately designed physics-based puzzles. Rest assured no pigs were harmed in the playing of this game (takes a bite of bacon). What?! So you’ve been to Rio, and you’ve been to a couple of other places; but this time around the birds face a not essentially new enemy (space pigs) in a very inhospitable environment far away from home. Oh yes! These little birdies are in space, and they’re still out for revenge… which means they’re still angry… which means you ought to get this game! Why you ask? Irrespective of the kind of games you like to play, Angry Birds has always provided all-round entertainment to everyone who plays it. It’s fun for 9 and 99! And therefore, it shouldn’t be a surprise why it’s on the top of this list.


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2) Grand Theft Auto III


Rockstar decides to celebrate its 10 year anniversary of GTA III by releasing an edition of the game specifically for the mobile market. What do they get in return? Buddy, you don’t even want to get me started on that! This game was legendary, is legendary and forever will be legen, wait for it… DARY! Whether it’s on the computer, the PlayStation, the Xbox 360 or the Nintendo, Grand Theft Auto will always be the paramount benchmark for open-world games. For those of you who aren’t aware of Grand Theft Auto, it’s a living-world sandbox game whose content is dominated by fast cars, gangs, drugs, weapons and women; all of the above sprawled over the dark and seedy environment of Liberty City. The massive world, the strangely intriguing characters and the ability to explore it all at your will is what makes this game so hard to look past! Grand Theft Auto III puts the underworld at your fingertips and as they say (in the non-racist sense of course), “Once you go black, you never go back!”


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3) Asphalt 6: Adrenaline

You would think I’d give our racing fans out there something to chew their teeth on would you? I actually wouldn’t (gotta stick with protocol you know?), but I just had to include this game in this list simply because of just how impressed I was by the package it offered as a racing game. People would normally expect a Need for Speed to appear in a list like this, but frankly NFS: Hot Pursuit is so far down the list I haven’t even been asked to write about it. So in my estimate, that should give you a rather accurate image of exactly how good a game Asphalt is. Asphalt is one of those racing games that can get that adrenaline pumping through your veins. Asphalt utilizes the gyroscope to provide you with the most thrilling and realistic racing experience you can get on a mobile device. The game includes over 40 unlockable and customizable (both performance and visual) cars and bikes rendered in HD graphics. Also featured is an online and local multiplayer mode where you can race your ride against six other racers to compete to be the best on a comprehensive world-wide leaderboard. So it’s time to get your foot to the pedal and the pedal to the metal because you’re going to be tearing the streets a new one!

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4) Real Racing 2 HD

Well that’s not all I have for the fans of the racing genre. If Asphalt is the definition of a fun, arcade racer, Real Racing is just what it says… pretty real! In Real Racing the developers have tried to capture the physics of racing in the most simulating way possible without making it too hard for you to progress. Which means no longer will one teensy little mistake cause you to lose the entire race! But that’s not the only reason Real Racing is on this list (obviously). As a racing game, Real Racing has taken mobile gaming to another level in terms of both graphics and gameplay. The cars looks very realistic, in the sense, you can perfectly recognize their real-life counterparts. The tracks are also pretty sleek and the environment quite rich and beautiful! The controls are also pretty accurate, though if you are accustomed to playing other Racing games like Need for Speed and Asphalt, they might take a while to get used to. The game features a number of customizable cars (from the real world) and some fun and treacherous tracks to burn rubber on. Real Racing takes a step away from a pure simulator towards a fun, arcade-style racing game giving it the perfect balance of fun and skill! If you’re a fan of racing, get this game. You can’t go wrong with Real Racing 2.

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5) Shadowgun

Ask yourself… How much can change by the year 2350? Apparently quite a lot! And this game promises that the future is indeed a lot of fun. Particularly if you are a Shadow Gun. I didn’t mean that to rhyme by the way, I just have it in me I think. You play the role of a certain bounty hunter named John Slade. Quite a bad ass in your own right, you have access to an arsenal of weapons (and S.A.R.A) that you use to bring your enemies to their knees… considering they still have them once you’re done. The game borderlines hardcore third person action with a slight tactical element giving it the balance of both slow and fast paced gameplay. The AI is also quite intelligent, and the mini-games are around to lower those adrenaline levels when the game gets too overwhelming. That said, the game is actually really pretty. Not just the graphics but also the voice acting is top notch! Story wise the game is quite intense and immersive, especially since you get to decide how the game ends! Yes, indeed this is one of those games where the story depends on you. Plus if you haven’t had enough of power hungry mad-men from the other games, I think you’ll find the antagonist in this title quite appealing… A worthy challenger for my mighty weapons! Ahem… yes. Anyways, this game is really one of those mobile games that inches closer and closer to console quality. Not just in graphics but all-round. So if you’re looking for some fun with a gun (lots of them in fact, but just not as much as Borderlands 2), this game is something you should definitely get!

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Apart from the above mentioned games there were a few others than caught my eyes but just couldn’t impress me enough to put them into the top five list of best HD Android games. I’ve listed the store links for these games below;

N.O.V.A 2

Lets Golf! 3

Modern Combat 3

Gangstar Rio: City of Saints


We would love you to comment and suggest games to be added to this list.

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