Top Free Antivirus 2012- Download Best Free Antivirus of 2012

Antivirus is the first software one tends to install as soon as they install their copy of windows because now everyone is aware of the possible threats of Viruses,Trojans, malwares and what not that could lead to disastrous situations as your PC now is the database of all your personal and sensitive information including your bank and credit card details that you can never risk to compromise.The need to have a good security software installed is just inevitable.

If you are a home user and are aware of what not to do online and how to avoid yourself from phishing attacks a good free antivirus should be sufficient to keep your pc clean and safe from other possible threats.So here we are compiling a list of best free antivirus softwares for you to take advantage of,these are ranked not just according to their virus fighting capability but also the ease of use and efficiency (usage of PC resources) are taken into consideration.Each of these antivirus software have their own pros and cons and would suffice you depending  upon your needs and personality and system configuration.

Best Free Antivirus 2012

1) Microsoft Security Essentials: If you are running a genuine copy of windows then you need not look any further. MSE is the best free antivirus solution you could get,the software being from Microsoft integrates with the OS very well and provides effective real-time scanning and virus removal.It also updates on its own is in constant watch running in the background.

best free antivirus for windows

Download Microsoft Security Essentials

2) Avast Free Antivirus : Avast Free is probably the only antivirus that provides total security from spyware to malware to rootkits.The Free addition comes with numerous features and the best of all it has a very user friendly interface and uses very less resources.

top free antivirus 2012

Download Avast Free Antivirus

3) Avira Free Antivirus : Avira is a very intelligent and proactive antivirus solution with virus definitions and detection rate higher than any of the antivirus we have listed down here,also it seemed to be the fastest.The only downside would be its clustered user interface which might not be very user-friendly to many.But if you are a regular user and don’t mind trying to figure out what is what in UI, this should be the right antivirus for you.

download top free antivirus avira

Download Avira Free Antivirus

4) Avg Free Antivirus : AVG is an old player and hence a trusted one too.The AVG free edition has great potential but the heavy resource usage makes it rather undesirable.But if you are running a PC with a good configuration then we don’t see why you should not use it.

best free antivirus 2012

Download AVG Free Antivirus

5) Panda Cloud Antivirus Free : Panda Security is also a rather popular name in the field of Antivirus solutions,they have been making consistent and valid efforts to rise to the top.Panda provides a variety of Free antivirus solutions ranging from a free antivirus to tool bars and internet protection also.Also the Free antivirus provided by Panda is cloud based and has the maximum virus signature database any free antivirus could provide using the least bit of your pc resources as it is cloud based.well that’s not all you can try a whole of other security solutions provided by them,so if you are really serious and concerned about your pc’s health and want to be under the radar of a good security solution all the time,we recommend you try to install all the free security solutions provided by Panda.

top free antivirus 2012

Download Panda Security Solutions 

So these were the best free antivirus for 2012 that you can download right away and stay protected.Please remember that no antivirus software can secure you 100%,you need to be aware of the possible actions that  would lead to compromising your PC. So be aware and avoid downloading pirated softwares,media and surfing unauthorized sites and responding or clicking links from unknown emails and you should be safe.

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  1. I really disappointed with the above list due to the absence of comodo, since i am the user of that product.

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