Top New Features of iOS 6

WWDC 2012 had quite a few things up its sleeve,one of the them being the all new iOS 6 for iPhone 3GS to iPhone 4s,iPad 2 to the new iPad and 4th gen iPod 4.So whats new in the iOS 6? Apparently more than 200 things but here are the best and most noticeable iOS 6 features.

new ios 6 features


New Features of iOS 6

1) Siri :Siri gets smarter,can launch apps now.Also has updated information regarding restaurants,Sports and movies.You can make reservations on your favorite restaurant using Opentable service with a voice command,ask about movie reviews,actors and directors and even watch trailers using rotten tomatoes,also you directly call out to Siri and ask for sports updates.Siri will now be ported to the new iPad also (not available for iPad 2).You can also ask Siri to update your twitter and Facebook statuses directly.Also Apple is said to be in talks with all big car manufacturers to have a direct access button placed for Siri.

new features of ios 6 siri

2) Apple Maps : That’s right,all the speculations have turned out to be true.Apple is indeed going to ditch Google Maps and will be integrating its own 3D maps with street by street navigation.

new 3d maps feature in ios 6

3) Direct Facebook Integration : Just like Twitter was integrated in iOS 5,Facebook can now be directly accessed to update your statuses and upload photos making it much intuitive for Facebook heads.

ios 6 Facebook inegration

4) Calling Features :Now you can set up privacy features like DND on your mobile phone which will stop alerting you for any sort of updates,messages and calls but will store the information for you to later check onto.However you can add exceptions like your Boss and your spouse if you want to.Also you can now reject a call with a single swipe and send a pre defined message at the same time.Also set a call back reminder.

calling and call blocking features in iOS 6

5) Facetime over Carrier Network : That’s right you can now Facetime over your carrier networks also.

6) Browsing and Streaming :Safari can now have offline reading lists, and you can upload photos directly from the browser itself.You can also stream your photo gallery with your friends. Some other noticeable features include :

  • Improved game center.
  • Guided Access.
  • Improved Privacy controls.
  • Added “Lost Mode” to track down your stolen iDevice.

For Chineese users Baidu has been made as the default search engine from Google,which is done according to the popularity demand.iOS 6 beta is already being rolled out for registered developers at the dev center. The final version of iOS 6 is expected to be released into the public later this year along with the new iPhone.iOS 6 will be ported to iPhone 3GS,iPhone 4,iPhone 4s,iPad 2,iPad 3rd gen and iPod 4th gen.So these were the top new iOS 6 features you might want to know about.

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