Update Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 with DXLP9 ICS 4.0.3 Firmware

Update Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 with DXLP9 ICS 4.0.3 Firmware

Some good news for Galaxy Note N7000 users, a new ICS firmware has arrived for their smartphone and is nicknamed as DXLP9 firmware. This update is officially brought to your phone by KIES and as of now, this update is available only for few countries. But wherever you are from, you can update your phone to DXLP9 firmware manually by following this guide. Applying this update is safe and will not root or void the device in any situation, but if your Galaxy Note is already rooted, this update will un-root it and we don’t think it’s a valid reason for skipping this update as a rooted user already knows how to un-root his device again, obviously. Right now there’s no change log issued by Samsung as previous update “XXLPY” had some camera and touch pen issues which we believe should be resolved in this update.
Here are some preliminary notes that we believe are important and should be read out carefully before you begin.

Before you begin:

  • This update will not root or void the warranty of device.
  • This update is only for Galaxy NOTE Model N7000. Don’t update any other model other than N7000 else it may damage your phone.
  • Backup your data before you move ahead. Sync all your contacts with Google account and you can use MyBackup to make a backup for your important applications.
  • Disable all system optimisation and security tools as they may interrupt in the middle. In fact, we’ll suggest you to uninstall them.
  • Make sure your phone is charged to atleast 50 percent.
  • Also enable USB Debugging in your phone. For enabling it go to:

Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging and check in the USB debugging option.

  • Install all the required USB drivers as we need them to tie up your mobile with PC later in this Guide. We’ll suggest you to install KIES which will automatically install all the latest drivers on your PC.

So if u have read and followed all these preliminary notes, you are good to go to next section where we have a detailed guide to upgrade Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 with DXLP9 ICS 4.0.3 Firmware.


  • First of all download the update package- DXLP9 Firmware  and Odin and extract it somewhere in your PC.
  • Now pick up your phone and switch off it. Now again restart it in download mode. For entering into download mode press Volume down Key + OK Button + Power Button simultaneously. Sometimes, a warning message pops out; press the Volume Up key to ignore it.
  • While keeping the ODIN application open on your PC, connect your Note with your PC with the help of USB cable. After connecting your Note with PC, you’ll find that ID: COM section on ODIN will turn yellow which indicates that your device is successfully detected by it.

ID: COM section in your Odin

  • Once detected, browse for “N7000DXLP9_N7000OLBLP6_N7000DXLP5_HOME.tar.md5” (Download it from step 1) by pressing the PDA tab. Up next, hit the start button to initiate the update process.
  •  Your device will reboot automatically, after completing the process of firmware update. Disconnect it from PC and switch it off. Again restart it but this time in recovery mode; for entering into recovery mode press Volume Down Key + OK button + Power Button + simultaneously.
  • In recovery mode, wipe data/factory reset and also wipe off cache partition. You can navigate with the help of volume rocker keys.
  • After wiping data and cache partition, restart your phone and explore the updated firmware.

Congratulations,you have successfully upgraded your Galaxy Note N7000 to latest ICS DXLP9 4.0.3 firmware. Just in case, if you were stuck in the middle,restart the whole process again from very beginning and if you still have any issues raise it in the comments,we will be glad to help.

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  1. after update, no wi-fi conection. how do i corect the problem?

  2. after i update using software update, my phone always restart automatically. please help me. i don’t know how to resolve this problem. i new in android.

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